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2020-12-02 17:41:20

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Who does not like to know how to earn more money, well you have come to the right place in Empire of Sin, let's see.

Why earn more money in Empire of Sin?

 This game takes us back to the 1920s, where there is the possibility of choosing to build a whole criminal empire, in such a way that it is necessary to know how to earn more money, especially since it is vital to get together a group of ideal henchmen to work in some tasks of fighting, negotiation, and extortion since it is necessary to expand in business because to get money there is no date only wanting to do it.

How to earn more money in Empire of Sin?

 Our first task to earn more money is to choose a mafia boss, it is necessary to take a look at the bonuses that these usually bring, and this is because it is necessary to make some decisions that can definitely be crucial according to the type of business in which we are going to enter. After all, here it is possible to have bonuses related to casino businesses, but they will not be the only ones, since some may be related specifically to alcohol in Empire of Sin, in this sense, it is worth paying attention to the brewery bonuses so that in this sense we have obtained some information necessary for our activity itself about How to earn more money.
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Now, it is necessary to have made the choice and in this way have the possibility of accessing our first racket, this can be said to be quite easy, because it is only necessary to embark on a small war where we focus on fighting against some members of a rival gang, in itself this is the least, since the great battle occurs when getting their respective boss in Empire of Sin, in such a way that it is necessary to be properly prepared since the battle is crucial, in addition to allowing us have the option of having access to the racket of said faction and manage to keep it, because at the end of everything keeping it is simply free, however, there is the possibility of converting it and that is where we must have some money, as we must name to a lieutenant and according to its class this racket can obtain this value.

There are several rackets that we can take and each one of them usually has its particular characteristics, as some may contain improvements, others perhaps not, however they tend to be useful when it comes to knowing how to earn more money and are the following:


  • Taverns: these are excellent places that function as bars for customers.
  • Casinos: These are phenomenal places where bets are made, some make money or others may lose it but this is what the business is all about.
  • Brothel: this is a place where there is only the possibility of being visited by adults.
  • Brewery: This is a place where the only occupation is making alcohol.
  • Hotel: This is an enclosure with the ability to get a good number of clients that it can accommodate.


 The rackets offer us some interesting characteristics and it is necessary to take advantage of them in this search to know How to earn more money, let's see.


  •  Rackets usually have some improvements and specifically the improvement of security allows increasing the number of guards.
  • It should be noted that the hotel in Empire of Sin does not actually present any improvement unlike the other places that have them.
  • The detour upgrade simply reduces the chances that some raids may be carried out by the police.
  • There is the possibility of bribing or getting the business closed in case the police have any suspicions about our business.
  • There are improvements for taverns, brothels and casinos, which we can use to improve the environment for customers.
  • There is a word of mouth update and it is great for attracting even more customers.
  • The breweries also have some extra improvements, as it is worth counting the amount of alcohol produced each week, as this represents a lucrative traffic, especially since we are immersed in a Chicago of alcohol prohibition.
  • The production and quality of alcohol usually raise the price, which allows us to have the possibility of satisfying the demands of our customers and above all, getting more money with it.
  • It is required to review the alcohol consumption record to consider exactly what we require to produce, in addition to that the alcohol that has not been used can be stored for the next day.


 Now that you know how to earn more money, it is time to try it, as it is well worth obtaining considerable profits from our activities in Empire of Sin.