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Empire of Sin has arrived and with a lot of work that allows us to have fun, in such a way that it is necessary to tell you How to recruit

What is the goal of recruiting at Empire of Sin?

This is a game that allows us to have the possibility of knowing how to recruit, as it is a necessary task since we require several members for our crew since our journey through the 1920s and the possibility of making our organization work It perfectly leads us to recruit members since reaching the top is not a task we can do alone.
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    How to recruit in Empire of Sin?

    The number of unique characters that we must recruit is simply 50, in such a way that this allows us to delve a little into this game since at the beginning there is no greater number of characters, but this does not have to be a stumbling block, because Little by little we get more characters, therefore, it is necessary to choose to eliminate certain members of a rival gang, which includes the leaders and in this way with some notoriety we are allowed to enter the world of recruitment.

    It is worth mentioning that some characters will need to pay in advance to recruit them, and this in a way is usually our best bet since otherwise loyalty could be affected and in reality, this is not favorable, it is also worth it. Consider another element some characters tend to have higher salaries than others, which in the same way leads us to consider every minimum detail of recruitment, but we can embark on missions that may be parallel since there are times when it is necessary to choose to meet with the friend or simply with the lover of a certain character since this allows us to achieve our goal of recruiting members.

    There is the possibility of recruiting at least 10 members, because if we are interested in recruiting more it will be necessary to eliminate some so that the new ones can occupy this space, although it is also possible to fire the previous ones, in this sense, it is worth highlighting that it is only possible to recruit through the Black Book which leads us to have to wander the streets of Chicago to recruit.

     Now that you know how to recruit r it's time to start this quest and build your team at Empire of Sin, give it a try.

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