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You want to know how to get XL candies, well you have come to the right place to tell you in Pokémon GO.

What to know about XL candies in Pokémon GO?

The arrival of the recent update brought with it many new things for the game with which we get to repower our characters and Pokemon, among the strains the XL candy stands out, which will allow us to exceed the previous limit of 40 that existed , increasing it now to 50 for both our character and the Pokemon, it is certainly a more arduous task for our character to increase the levels, while for the Pokemon we only have to know how to get XL candies and to use them you have to complement them with the powder of stars, the next details will guide us with greater precision, let's follow them.

How to get XL candies in Pokémon GO?

There are many activities that mostly give us candy rewards, they can now specifically give us XL, but it is important that we are at level 40 or more to obtain them, then our character must meet this parameter so that our Pokémon are supplied , the activities that we can follow to achieve this once we meet the requirements are the following:
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    • Pokemon switch
    • Transfer a Pokémon
    • An assault Pokémon must be caught
    • A Pokemon -0-3 XL Candy catch
    • Perform the incubation of an egg up to 16 for 5KM or 24 for 10Km

    Our accumulated candies that are normal we can make them become XL with the rate of 100 to 1 and in this way we will get to get them, in the case of a mystery box for example we can receive 18 Meltan XL candies and so on we can get to take advantage this function that is presented to us in the game.

    Finally, now that we are aware of How to get XL candy, we can continue to enjoy the new that comes to Pokémon GO.

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