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In the universe of Fortnite, we have many tasks, one of them is how to get bars and here we will tell you how to do it.

What are the bars in Fortnite?

It is the new currency that was added as features in the game recently, which we can spend and earn to obtain advantages in front of the other players, now if we want to know how to get bars, we just have to go ahead with a reading of the following text, so let's do it.
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    How to get bars in Fortnite?

    There are different ways to get them, among which we have to destroy buildings and items with the harvester when finding the opponents and eliminating them, completing the rewards and completing the missions when talking to the characters, the bars consist of some gold ingots small, they are all over the mute in the hidden barrels and other furniture, it is important to note that if before an enemy is eliminated by us he collected these bars we can obtain them from him, but if the main options are to talk to the characters that are found throughout the map, facing through these to Quests or Bounties.

    Some missions will lead us to the destruction of fishing barrels as objectives or even simpler things, in this way if we complete them we will earn this coin, some tasks deal with the elimination of a player in a specific area, considering this the use of The same ones to highlight is that their only way of spending lies in talking to the characters from whom we accept missions or rewards, having a gun icon is indicative of being able to spend our bars even in buying a powerful weapon, in the bars getting to hire the allies that will keep following us around the map and this can help us against the opponents.

     In this way we finalize our Fortnite guide, now you know how to get bars, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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