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Angel Marquez
2022-02-04 14:23:49

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With our Fortnite guide, you will learn more about How to play Close Encounters mode in Chapter 3.

What to know about the close encounter mode in chapter 3 in Fortnite?

It is a new mode added to the game with the arrival of patch 19.20, here the lobbies of the games with at least 100 players may be mixing, but there are still doubts about knowing how to play it and to understand how to do it, we can follow the following content.

How to play Close Encounters mode in Chapter 3 in Fortnite?

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You have to look for the option for creative mode, here we give you on the Discover page to reach the epic category, close to solo mode, this can be played with 4 players per squad, but playing with a small group is also possible with the option not to fill, when comparing this with other modes, we will be limited to only finding and using different things that are not shotguns, grenades, jetpacks and even most of the health items, here in turn we will go through some storm situations, the basic one coming from the coast and the one coming from the sky, so it is appropriate that at the end of the games we are on a hill or mountain to avoid damage at this time.

We can add significant amounts of XP by completing our own challenges, taking into account that 4 of these are presented and that they will end on February 19, where we have to eliminate a couple of players with 30 seconds less difference adding 12,000 XP, achieve an elimination with 10 or fewer players remaining for 14,000 XP, from above deal damage to opponents for 10,000 XP and complete all 3 challenges for 18,000 XP.

We can conclude that knowing how to play Close Encounters mode in Chapter 3 is easier than thought, you just have to follow the instructions presented and follow the fun while we progress in Fortnite.

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