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We invite you to discover How to Get Luminous Ink in Elder Scrolls Online, a new task.

Luminous Ink, a feature of the Gold Road expansion, contributes to The Elder Scrolls Online's writing system. This guide will help you start accumulating as much ink as possible in ESO so you can start creating spells, just pay attention to the following content.

How to Get Luminous Ink in Elder Scrolls Online?

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Complete the Indrik Wing quest in Scholarium to start collecting glowing ink from fallen enemies. You cannot continue the Wing of the Indrik quest until you finish the Second Era of the Scribing quest. The Second Era quest is located at the gateways to Skingrad, which is located in the West Weald region of ESO. Of course, that also means that if you want to start accumulating the ink needed to do Scribing, you need to have access to the Gold Road expansion.

  • Complete Indrik's wing task.
  • Kill your opponents in West Weald.
  • Complete the mission The Network Wing.
  • Dry brewing nodes.

You will be able to find Indrik's Wing in Scholarium once you finish The Second Age of Writing. The Raven will task you with seeking protection throughout Auridon. Finally, the barriers will take you to Indrik to the west wing, where he has more tests to complete. Taking down a Dolmen in Auridon and eventually helping to free young Indrik are some of those tests.

After completing the quest The Wing of Indrik, you can obtain Luminous Ink as a rare drop by killing enemies. The best way to get ink is to farm Mirrormoor raids in the West Weald area. Each chapter of the game features these world events that appear in different ways. Usually at least one of the four actives can be found in West Weald, so it's easy to farm when you have the time. As a bonus, you can complete the Wing of the Netch quest to get more ink.

We hope that the instructions in this guide have been useful to get luminous ink and continue your progress and fun in this exciting game.

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