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We welcome you to our explanatory guide on How to Get Scripts in The Elder Scrolls Online in detail.

The details of your writing skills in The Elder Scrolls Online depend on the scripts, and there are many to choose from. This ESO guide will provide instructions on how to locate each script subtype and unlock their deliveries, let's see.

How to Get Scripts in The Elder Scrolls Online?

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To start finding scripts in ESO, complete the Gryphon Wing and the Dragon Wing. When you kill your enemies, you are unlikely to find a script as loot. However, the probability is very low. The only solution is for players to be able to find them outside of West Weald. But by focusing on Scholarium quests, you can speed up your writing process and find the skills you need. After completing the Wing of the Gryphon quest, you will have the ability to target Focal Scripts. These can primarily be found by completing daily digs in Tamriel. Additionally, you can complete daily Mages Guild quests and PvP daily quests that give rewards to the worthy. All three options offer a higher drop rate for Focus Scripts.

The Dragon Wing will allow you to develop unique stories. Companies run daily quests for world bosses in Tamriel, daily quests around Cyrodil, and daily quests for the fighters guild. All of the activities listed will give a much higher signature script drop rate, as will the Focus versions. For writing, the third and final subtype you can collect is Affix Scripts. These are associated with the Network Wing and also have a list of specific activities. To get the highest drop rate, focus your attention on world event quests, Imperial City quests, and Undaunted daily quests.

In conclusion, knowing how to obtain scripts is easier than you thought with this content, you just have to apply it to take advantage of it and continue our fun and progress in this fast-paced game.

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