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We welcome you to our Mario Strikers Battle League guide where we will talk about how to get more coins.

What to know about the coins in Mario Strikers Battle League?

  It is the element that allows us to buy the pieces of equipment and other items, it is the currency of the game to make purchases, obtaining them goes through the fact of completing the different tasks that are presented to us, now looking to be up to date Both of How to get more coins we have to follow the instructions that this guide has below, let's see.

How to get more coins in Mario Strikers Battle League?

  There are several options that we must take into account on How to get more coins in Mario Strikers Battle League and these are the following:
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Training: there is a group of training missions that we must do, at the end we enter a match, which if we win we will add 800 coins, being a unique reward that will support our performance.

Cup battles: the next thing we have is to go to the cups to complete them, on the first occasion we will add 400 coins, in case of losing or drawing it will only give us 5 coins, when we complete these battles we will have the unlocking of the champions cup, at Winning unlocks the galactic mode, which consists of a more complex version of the battles, by winning here the first time we will receive 1000 coins for each of these.

Quick battles: with a single victory we will add 20 coins, drawing 10 coins and losing 5 coins, in case of playing cooperatively it is the same amount of these, only that without the result obtained, we will add 10 additional coins, it is a interesting option for how fast and easy it allows us to add these much-needed coins.

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to get more coins has been very useful for your progress and fun in Mario Strikers Battle League.


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