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2022-12-09 07:23:29

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With our guide, you will learn more about How to fix Elden Ring inappropriate activity detected error.

What to know about the Elden Ring inappropriate activity detected error?

This is a problem that occurs after a game update has been submitted, which it is true that it adds interesting content, but it also adds new problems, this error puts us in a bad position that ruins our gaming experience, now trying to understand How fix Elden Ring inappropriate activity detected error it is timely that we closely follow the content below.

How to fix Elden Ring inappropriate activity detected error?

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Normally, we have that inappropriate activity happens when our account goes against important terms of service, such as cheating or violating the rules, which leads to our account being banned, but even if we don't do anything of this type, we will be informed of this, since this is an error, it is opportune to apply a series of possible solutions and these are presented below:

  • Restart our system: when the software finds faults or anomalies in the way the game runs, it presents this error, it can occur when cheats and hacking are used, it is something that can be normal in the operation of our PC or console, so doing reboots we can automatically correct the failures.
  • Verification of the game files: being on our PC we can see the error present, this can occur due to the presence of corrupted files, it is something that cannot be seen so easily on the console, in case we see this problem we will go to our library or Steam to locate the game, we will right-click on it to go to the properties, in local files we will enter to see the option to verify the integrity of the game files, a process occurs that ends up replacing those damaged files.
  • Anti-Cheat repair: this system is included in the game, which is normal to see in online games, this specific error of inappropriate activity detected may require a repair of this Anti-Cheat, for this we will go to the Steam library to right-click on the game, in the properties we will go through the local files to find the EasyAntiCheat folder, we will execute the EasyAntiCheat_Setup file and with the right click on the game we will choose the repair.
  • Reinstalling the game: seeing that the problem may not yet be resolved, we will move on to the best option, which is uninstallation to reinstall the game with its files. Being an online game, our progress does not have to be affected, it just It is a large download of the game that will take time, now this is not a guarantee of installing files correctly.

In conclusion, knowing how to fix the Elden Ring inappropriate activity detected error is interesting because it allows us to have a possible return to normality of our fun in this game.

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