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In this guide entry we are going to explain how to find the Church of Vows in Elden Ring, let's see.

What to know about finding the Church of Vows in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring's vast open world has many unique locations and NPCs that you can find and encounter. Defeating Godric the Transplanted will further expand the map and allow players access to the northern areas, as well as the ability to choose what to do next.

As players continue to explore the world, they will find scrolls and prayer books. These items can be given to specific NPCs to enhance the spells they sell, depending on which scroll or prayer book you receive. These are a limited number of items, and it's important to remember which NPC you're giving them to if you want to use a specific spell that only they currently sell.

How to find the Church of Vows in Elden Ring?

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After having defeated Godric the Grafted and advancing north of the castle, players will find the Siege of Mercy on the cliff in front of the lake. From here you must follow the western path to the lake below. Most of this lake is ankle deep, and you can walk on it without any problem. Head to the east side of the lake and head north until you reach the Place of Grace on the shore of East Liurnia Lake, just east of the entrance to Raya Lucaria Academy.

From Sitio de Gracia, follow the main road north and proceed to turn left at the first fork. Continue west and at the next fork, turn left to see the Church of the Oath just ahead. If the player arrives at night he will have to fight Bell Hunter, but in front of him is Colonel Mariki and in the middle is the Siege of Grace.

Why look for Miriel, Keeper of the Oath in Elden Ring?

Before completing the quest, you should know that Miriel the Shepherdess is a cool and knowledgeable turtle from the world of Lands Between who can provide players with a wealth of knowledge. Miriel also acts as a spell and talisman merchant, and can accept most scrolls and prayer books. Miriel is a safe NPC to give these items to since she doesn't want to move and the Church of the Oath has a Place of Grace that can be reached quickly when needed.
It does not matter which NPC the scroll or prayer book is given to, as the items sold remain the same. The player's choice of who to gift the Scroll and Prayer Book to ultimately depends on her convenience, and Miriel is the most convenient NPC to approach after opening the Cathedral of Oaths and her Place of Grace. .

This is everything you need to know about finding the Church of Vows, so you can follow our steps to continue enjoying Elden Ring.

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