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Today we bring a guide where we will explain how to enter the Colosseum combat in Elden Ring.

What is Colosseum combat in Elden Ring?

  This is a meeting that we must hold and it is that the coliseum usually offers us a lot of action, we have several options to play and make the game experience simply unique, this is viable to face other players, for this reason we invite you to read because here we detail information that can bring you closer to the advantage.

How to get into the Colosseum match in Elden Ring?

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To access the PvP combat and to achieve it, it is necessary to download the most recent update of the game, although this has been rough, it is very likely that this is part of the past, when installing this update we will go to Roundtable Hold.

We must take care of going to the fireplace where we will see a statue of Marika in Roderika's place and she usually hangs out, this makes it necessary to take care of interacting with the statue that will send us to the Arena Combat menu.

Upon entering the arena we can use it to get experience to our liking, here we have combats in which we can participate, it is possible to set the coliseum password, choose the place between:


  •   Leyndell that allows us only duels.
  • Caelid Colosseum.
  • Limgrave Colosseum.


  This is all we know about How to enter the Colosseum combat in Elden Ring, just follow the instructions and thus access to get more experience, try it.

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