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Today we bring a Elden Ring guide where we will tell you how to play with friends.

What is the point of playing with friends in Elden Ring?

This is nothing more than a functionality that this game usually brings and that allows us to have the opportunity to enjoy this game with more people, so knowing how to play with friends takes us into a mechanic where it becomes necessary to take care of summoning NPC characters or in a particular case to friends and in this way to be able to play with more comfort.

How to play with friends in Elden Ring?

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It is good to keep in mind that there are invocations of NPC characters and that when we see the sign that is on the ground we are allowed to touch it, this is because it is a way to call an NPC and get them to play with us.

When summoning NPCs, these usually work as support for us in combat, especially this usually has more relevance when we face the bosses.

Knowing How to play with friends offers us the possibility of summoning other players and for this it is necessary to use the Summon function, which is usually housed in the Summon Reserve, here we are allowed to indicate the interest of the game, in addition to taking charge to interact with some statues that we can get on some occasions.

We are allowed to see some dungeons or areas that are somewhat similar, so that leads us to get a statue that is usually quite similar to a crucifix, to access the Summoning Pool we just have to take care of pressing Y or Triangle .

Pressing the buttons mentioned above in Elden Ring allows us to observe all the players that may be available in the entire area and even take care of summoning players to our world just by using the skin finger.

To summon friends, it is necessary to use a Matchmaking password and this implies having to go to the multiplayer settings in the main menu of this game.

By ensuring that the password can be activated or is simply active and we place the summoning signal, only the players to whom we provide the respective password can use it here and thus be able to play together.

The possibility of playing with friends can make this game a bit easier, especially since the map is very extensive and we also have a considerable number of strong enemies that we must face.

 Now that you know how to play with friends, you have the opportunity to make Elden Ring a less complicated game.

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