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Find out How To Get Sacrificial Twig In Elden Ring effectively in this explanatory guide.

What to know about sacrificial twig in Elden Ring?

It is one of many talismans that are present in the game to provide us with an important use for our progress, which leads us to be clear about How To Get Sacrificial Twig In Elden Ring the different possibilities to find it and for greater support, the following indications are present.

How to get a sacrificial twig in Elden Ring?

It is possible to buy it or earn it as a reward, among the possibilities we have the Murkwater cave, which is located at the northern grace site of Lake Agheel, here we must face the boss of Patches, it is necessary to forgive him so that he can establish a store where the sacrificial twig costs 5000 runes.

In Roundtable Hold there is another merchant, this one will lose us the Bell Bearing of Patches and with this he offers us the talisman, as we progress more possibilities appear such as that of the isolated merchant, we will see him to the west of the peninsula of cries, thus gaining access about 3 sacrificial twig talismans.

Finally, we have that there is only one enemy that can give us this resource, which is Lesser Wormface, we can find it in Crumbling Farum Azula and Altus Plateau, the disadvantage we have here is the drop rate, which turns out to be too low to get it.

Alternatives to find sacrificial twig in Elden Ring

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  • A chest containing the item in the enemy camp by the Altus Plateau
  • Talking to Edgar at Morne Castle
  • Searching the rock ledges that are in the eastern area of Malefactor's Evergaol, here the loot is on a corpse.
  • West of Mistwood Ruins where the cemetery is.
  • Talking to Fia about Rogier gives us the object at the round table.

How to use the sacrificial twig in Elden Ring

What we must do is equip it, starting from this when we die we will end up losing the talisman and not our runes, something very useful considering the many complex confrontations with bosses while we explore dangerous areas.

In this way we finish with our guide on How To Get Sacrificial Twig In Elden Ring, we hope that the information presented here is useful for your fun and progress.

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