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Discover the ultimate guide on How To Get to the Bird Farm in Elden Ring. Learn the best routes and tips to navigate this exciting location. 

Are you looking to make some serious progress in Elden Ring by farming the bird at the Bird Farm? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss how to reach the Bird Farm located in Mohgwyn Palace and obtain tons of Runes in the process.

How To Get to the Bird Farm in Elden Ring

 Understanding the Location

The Bird Farm in Elden Ring is a fascinating and vibrant area that captivates players with its unique charm. Nestled within the expansive open world of Elden Ring, the Bird Farm is a sanctuary for avian creatures and a haven for travelers seeking respite from the harsh landscapes of the Lands Between. What makes the Bird Farm particularly appealing is not only its serene beauty, but also the valuable resources and hidden treasures that await those who venture there. From rare crafting materials to captivating lore, the Bird Farm offers a plethora of rewards for those brave enough to seek them out.

Obtaining Varre's Pureblood Knight's Medal

To begin your journey to How To Get to the Bird Farm in Elden Ring, you will first need to obtain Varre's Pureblood Knight's Medal. This key item is essential for reaching the bird nest and reaping the rewards it has to offer. You can acquire Varre's Pureblood Knight's Medal by completing certain quests or tasks in the game.

Riding to Mohgwyn Palace on Torrent

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Once you have Varre's Pureblood Knight's Medal in hand, you can use it to access Mohgwyn Palace, where the Bird Farm is located. Hop on your trusty steed, Torrent, and ride south past Albinaurics to reach the palace. Along the way, be prepared to encounter challenges and enemies that stand in your path.

Farming Runes at the Bird Farm

Upon reaching the Bird Farm, you will discover that it offers 11038 Runes as a base reward for your efforts. However, the true value lies in farming the bird itself, which can yield hundreds of thousands of additional Runes. Be diligent and patient in your farming efforts to maximize your rewards.

Following Varre's Quest Guide

To reach the bird nest at the Bird Farm, it is essential to follow Varre's quest guide. Begin by speaking to Varre at the Rose Church in Liurnia, where he will provide you with a set of five Festering Bloody Fingers. These items can be used in low-stakes PvP invasions to gain an edge in combat.

Obtaining Lord of Blood's Favor

One key item you will need on your journey to the Bird Farm is the Lord of Blood's Favor. To obtain this item, you must drench it in the blood of a Maiden. You can collect the Blood of the Church Doves off a Maiden's corpse at the Church of Inhibition or at the Chapel of Anticipation. Soak the Lord of Blood's Favor at either location and return it to Varre at the Rose Church.

In conclusion, How To Get to the Bird Farm in Elden Ring is a rewarding experience that requires patience, strategy, and determination. By following Varre's quest guide, obtaining the necessary items, and farming the bird for Runes, you can make significant progress in the game and enhance your gaming experience. So gear up, saddle your steed, and embark on your journey to the Bird Farm today!

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