Lidia Rozo
2021-02-01 05:39:27

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We bring you a Dyson Sphere Program guide and our goal is to tell you how to get resources, let's see.

What are resources in Dyson Sphere Program?

This is a game where it is necessary to have some elements necessary for technology, the detail is that there are some planets that have more resources than others, so knowing how to get resources makes us have to move from one planet to another, for our good fortune we have a logistics warehouse and this can make our task a little less complex.

How to get resources in Dyson Sphere Program?

One of the resources that will be necessary to have is the "Titanium" and to find it we must mobilize to other planets in their search, because it has particular uses in Dyson Sphere Program, once with this in our power it will be necessary to take care of other specific tasks What are they:

Make the high-strength titanium alloy: to achieve this it is necessary to first get some materials, and they are the following:
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  • Steel.
  • Sulfuric acid (we can do it ourselves at the chemical plant)
  • Petroleum.
  • Water
  • Stone (can be done with a mining machine)
  • Oil (can be made with the yellow cubes)

For the alloy, it will be necessary to have the stone inside the chemical plant, in addition to a proportion of oil and a proportion of water, this is an activity that we can perfectly well perform when we have improved our qualifiers to level 2, also in the chemical plant We can take care of producing sulfuric acid, and with this we get to start our work, because knowing how to get resources becomes a necessary task, because we must manage to decompose titanium ingots, for which it will be necessary:

  • Make use of sulfuric acid and steel.
  • Then place a classifier.
  • Place a storage unit where we will keep the titanium alloy.

Make an interstellar logistics station: this is another important activity that we must do in Dyson Sphere Program, and it works more as a type of improvement, however it is part of our task to know how to get resources. It is good to be clear that it will be necessary to make two interstellar logistics stations, because obviously we need the ships to fly between them for which it is important to have a sending station and a receiving station, here we can choose the supplies of resources that we consider necessary, in addition that we have the freedom to get the workstations, it is only necessary to have the improvements for which, it will only be necessary to place the particle containers and the titanium alloy.

This is all we can tell you about to get resources, as Dyson Sphere Program has definitely gotten us involved in interesting exploration activities.