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Edelmira Leon
2021-02-01 04:10:05

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You already know how to be a dentist in BitLife? Well, if you don't know, here you will find everything you need to know to be one.

Why be a dentist at BitLife?

The answer is very simple, if you want to earn a lot of money, in the life simulation video game, you will have to have a good profession, this also applies to reality, but today we will teach you to be a dentist in the game and get a lot of money.

How to be a dentist at BitLife?

As you can imagine, the profession of dentist is not easy at all. Even in the game it requires intelligence, specifically between 80 percent and 100 percent is best.

If your intelligence level is adequate (no less than 80 percent), you will have to go to the university of biology, which often does not appear when you want to apply. In this sense, you will have to restart the application or age a year to try again.
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You can apply for a scholarship to get a free trip, since it is not a cheap career, the good thing is that the profession will leave good earnings.

You will have to study a lot and when you graduate, you will have to apply to dental school, so it will be necessary to have graduated without problems and have a high level of intelligence.

School will also require a lot of study and upon graduation you will be able to select the dentist job from the Occupations menu.

Now that you know how to be a dentist in BitLife, it must be recognized that both in real life and in the simulation video game it is quite difficult, but not impossible, you just have to study and try to be smart, so go ahead.

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