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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-01 12:37:04

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The adventure in Genshin Impact is getting more and more interesting and therefore we will explain how to get bird eggs

What are bird eggs in Genshin Impact?

These are simply a necessary resource that we have, they have certain interesting characteristics, as they are ideal to revive our character, they are also part of the "Wonderful Merchandise" event, so knowing how to get bird eggs is simply a useful activity, since accumulating several could serve us later when perhaps due to some circumstance our character has low health, because we will not necessarily be with much vitality, at the end of all activities and life in Dragonspine can become somewhat complex.

How to get bird eggs in Genshin Impact?

  •  Buying them is a favorable option, it is also possible to get them for free in Teyvat.
  • On the other hand, these require some particular characteristics such as a specific time to get them in addition to getting a specific seller.

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  • Every day there is the possibility of acquiring the amount of 10 bird eggs, during the day only, because at night it is not possible to do business with the seller because he is always drunk, and it is not viable.
  • To know how to get bird eggs we must understand that they need to be purchased and this can be done at Draff's Animal Food Store in Springvale.

Another action that we can carry out is to cultivate the bird eggs in Genshin Impact, because even when we buy 10 per day in the store this amount will not be enough, fortunately we are in a game where they have other areas where we can grow them, such as it is:

  •  Above the “S” of the Huanguang stone forest in Liyue.
  • On some building roofs we can get bird eggs.
  • In some nest in a tree.

We can conclude our guide on how to get bird eggs, in this way you already have all the necessary information, and you can start this interesting search in Genshin Impact, good luck.

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