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If you are here and want to know how to improve lockpicking in Dying Light 2 continue reading, because in this article we have it all covered.

What is Dying Light 2 ban pick?

It is an element of the game that will allow you to access locked rooms to get the things that are inside. So knowing how to improve the selection of locks will be very important to obtain as many materials as possible.

How to improve lock picking in Dying Light 2?

The best way to improve the selection is by using a vibration-enabled controller or by updating your selections.
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For the first method, if you are a console user or playing with a controller on PC, what you have to do is activate the vibration. Upon finding a chest or door that needs to be closed to enter, you will have to complete a minigame in order to do so.

To do this you will have to turn the pick using a stick and make it turn, you will also have to use a screwdriver and another stick to turn it slowly. If the controller starts to vibrate, you will have to let go of the sticks, or you might break the pick. Keep using the pick on top of the keyhole until the controller stops vibrating. Use to make it very smooth so that the other selections are not lost.

In case you want to get faster results, you will have to choose to upgrade your picks, for this you will have to upgrade the pick plane for more durability and pick easier to level. This can be done with a craftsman.

That's all there is to know about how to improve lock picking in Dying Light 2 so now that we've reached the end, we hope you're more than ready to access any locked door or chest.

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