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We welcome you to our Dying Light 2 guide where we will talk about How to get secret weapons.

What to know about the secret weapons in Dying Light 2?

Considering that this installment focuses on melee, it turns out that unlike the previous installment where there were several secret weapons, in this one we will only have one, looking for an answer in this regard we can see the details that are presented in this guide regarding How get secret weapons and are next, let's see.

How to get secret weapons in Dying Light 2?

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The secret weapon is called the frying pan of destiny, it obviously means that it is a frying pan, through the story mission now or never, this being the penultimate mission in the history of the game, as we progress we will reach the leader of the renegades, the colonel to face him, it is possible to fight or use stealth, which will allow us to complete the mission, it is important not to go directly to the marker, we will notice a room before we go inside the complex using the stairs, we will notice an orange tent that is covering the room.

Once we enter the room we will see a caged chicken, with which we must interact and it will tell us why it is caged, we will discover that this chicken turns out to be from space and that it is trapped here on earth, the reason for this is because it is missing a piece of a spaceship, so we have to find this piece so that the chicken can return home, we will certainly have the location of the piece through the same chicken to do the secondary mission called the space rooster .

 We can conclude that knowing how to get secret weapons is easier than thought, only by applying the instructions can we get the most out of this weapon in Dying Light 2.

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