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This time we return with a Dying Light 2 guide, with the aim of talking to you about All security codes.

What to know about the security codes in Dying Light 2?

One of the essential things that we must get in the game are the craft materials, the utility that these provide is vital to progress and stay alive in the city, there are certainly remains on the street or buildings, despite this there are safes that have objects of great value, only that to access it is necessary to have the security code, to know all these codes we follow the following content.

What are all the security codes in Dying Light 2?

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We will find several safes, it is important that when we find them we have the facility to open them, there are certainly clues that will help us access the codes, in the same way these are the following:
  • In the Saint Joseph hospital is the first, the code is 973
  • In the Muddy Grounds water tower there is the treasure hunt, the code is 032167
  • In the water tower of the horseshoe we have the quest for moonlight, the code is 1492
  • Around the Houndfield region is the night runner hideout north of the cherry mill, the code is 101
  • At the top of the military building near the bandit camp in the center is the military airdrop safe, its code is 313.
  • At the garrison power station behind sector C, your code is 314
  • At the top of the church tower in the old villador, the code is 510

We hope that the information detailed here about All security codes has been very useful for your progress and fun in Dying Light 2.

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