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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-02-08 03:20:22

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Sifu was released a few hours ago and that is why we have prepared this guide to tell you how to beat Fajar the Botanist.

Who is Fajar the Botanist in Sifu?

We mentioned him in another article recently, but he is one of the five gang bosses in the game. Fajar is the first one you'll encounter and like the other four he's hard to beat. So when you reach The Squats after reaching its inner garden you will want to know how to beat Fajar the Botanist.

How to beat Fajar the Botanist in Sifu?

The first thing you have to know if you are wondering how to beat Fajar the Botanist in Sifu, is that at the beginning of this battle, Fajar will launch a long distance attack in which he jumps out of the pots and flies straight at you with a high kick, you just dodge it to get a jump start and land some quick hits. Use this same strategy every time Fajar wants to get closer.

He'll also use a kick and punch combo that you can dodge or block with no problem, but he can also use a sweep that can't be parried, you'll have to dodge it by jumping on it when you see his leg glow. At this point you can either break his structure gauge or lower his health bar, which may allow you to do a finisher that will take you to the next phase.
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The next phase takes place in a bamboo forest, and the boss will use the same first attack as in phase one. He will jump into the trees and disappear for a moment and at this point you will have to watch out for a domino effect that will tell you to dodge the opening. This is something he will often do, so you can take advantage of this to recover.

After this he will do stronger combo attacks and with a knife that he will use in slide attacks that you will have to dodge.

At this point it is possible for him to prepare for a special slash attack, indicated by a telltale glow on the blade. Before this you will have to crouch until it ends to have a chance to fight back.

You can take advantage of the bamboo canes on the ground and use them as melee weapons, always avoiding receiving attacks until you can use a takedown to eliminate it.

 That's all you need to know about how to beat Fajar the Botanist in Sifu, so now that we've reached the end we hope you can quickly finish off this boss when you run into him.

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