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We return to the world of construction in Dungeons and Dragons this time to talk to you about how to customize a druid subclass

What does it mean to customize a druid subclass in Dungeons and Dragons?

The truth is that the personality and some styles in this game are clearly related to the subclasses, since there are some peculiarities that make them quite exceptional, especially considering that there are interesting changes related clearly to this 5th edition, but specifically knowing how to customize a druid subclass is interesting because we are talking beyond any eventuality, we are talking about spell and this becomes interesting.
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How to customize a druid subclass in Dungeons and Dragons?


 Spells: It is good to be clear enough that particularly druids usually have a list of spells, as this in particular is associated by a class but they themselves usually have some tools that can make them participate in subclasses, the detail is that these druid subclasses in particular do not obtain a spell because it is only necessary to count on the ones we have to be precisely the ones indicated, since they are usually used regularly.

The new ways: Knowing how to customize a druid druid subclass simply allows us to wildly consider a couple of options, to get a druid not distinguished with channel divinity ability as it is transformative in nature, or to get This transformation can be seen merely as a challenge in Dungeons and Dragons, since there are several subclasses of Druid Arcana, it is clear to consider that some may choose to become an astral version of their normal being and this is valid.

For the customization process it is necessary to consider that the druid-based guidelines of the wild form must be followed specifically counting on these values.


  •  CR ¼ for 2nd level and above.
  • CR ½ for 4th level and above.
  • CR 1 for 8th level and above.


 It is important to know that the druid subclass allows to achieve changes in different forms of themselves, since it is vital to know that the offered skills are totally related to the level, as this allows us to achieve power in combat.


The style of play.

 Dungeons and Dragons has presented us with the druids being defined as a subclass, so it is necessary to consider their abilities since they can become somewhat flexible, with the possibility of forming an archetype with the particular support of some tanks, some explorers and because not some summoners, because it is possible to count on all this joint participation to achieve that specifically the druids can be complete in their style of play.

 With this we can end our guide to Dungeons and Dragons, because now that you know how to customize a druid subclass, it is simply time to do it on your own, because it really is not that complex.

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