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This time we made a Mafia City guide for you in order to explain what the June exchange codes are, let's see.

What does Mafia City bring to us?

  A lot of action where conflicts seem to present no solution, since the gangster gang will be choosing to maintain dominance over the city, but this is not usually by itself and we need some exchange codes that allow us to operate with all the peace of mind of the case, because they are simply necessary, for this it will only be ideal to mobilize ourselves to adjustments to place the action as long as it is the indicated one.
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June exchange codes at Mafia City?


  Exchange code description.



  •   It features 8 hours of truce, based on 24 hours of defense bonus reaching 20 percent.
  • 24 hour attack bonus with 20 percent.




  •   We got 150,000 cash.
  • 150,000 load.
  • 25,000 weapons.
  • 6,250 metal.



  •   We got 900 VIP points.
  • 1 day as a VIP.



  •   We got with this 100 gold code.
  • 5 of red wine.
  • 1 lightning operation.



  •   We got 100 gold.
  • 5 red wine
  • 1 stardust.



  •   We have 50 minutes of construction acceleration.
  • 50 minutes of training acceleration.
  • 50 minutes of speed acceleration.


  This is all we know about June exchange codes as we loop through Mafia City, give it a try really worth it.

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