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DOOM Eternal: Weapon Mods Guide

2020-03-19 10:36:52

This time we offer you a Guide to weapon Mods for DOOM Eternal with accurate details.

  In DOOM Eternal we will have access to many weapons, which depend on the situations that arise for their respective use, each of these has Mods, which makes them better, so that we have an idea of what we are talking about, we will have a Weapons Modification Guide, which will give us the details of each of the weapons and their improvements.


What should we know about weapons in DOOM Eternal?


  Each of the weapons have updates, these can be found in the game, in the Weapons Mods Guide we will find the most important guidelines that will help us to get the most out of our weapons, it should be noted that as we progress in the game we will unlock the weapons.

What is the DOOM Eternal Weapon Mods Guide?



  •   Arbalest: This allows us to charge an energy projectile that is imbued with demons and will then explode
  • Destroyer Blade: It is possible to load with this an energy blade, capable of making cuts to the enemies that are crossed.



  • Mobile turret: we will turn it into a mobile turret, which when overheated stops firing
  • Energy Shield: This modification allows the activation of an energy shield, with which it will be possible to withstand a certain amount of damage in a certain time


  Heavy cannon

  •   Pin of precision: it will become a semi-automatic magazine, with which it shoots bullets of great power and precision
  • Micro missiles: It is possible to fire missiles that track targets.

Combat shotgun

  • Sticky Bombs: With the LT pressed we are going to transform this weapon into a grenade launcher, capable of firing 5 sticky ones.
  • Full Auto: With the LT held tight we can make it automatic.


Rocket launcher

  •   Detonation at a distance: in the air it is possible to detonate the rocket with the LT
  • Lock-On Burst: With this modification we will be able to set a target and fire 3 rockets at the same time in a burst.


Plasma rifle

  •   Heat Blast: This rifle will be fired like a powerful explosion, due to the generation of excess heat
  • Microwave ray: we can make a shot that locks up our enemy and at death ends up exploding.


Super shotgun

  • Improvements: in the whole board the power in general will be improved increasing it.

  Thus we conclude this Guide of weapon Mods, which will lead us to be more successful and enjoy at the same time in DOOM Eternal.

PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Stadia
First-person shooter
id Software
Bethesda, Softworks Humble Store, Stadia
id Tech 7
Release date:
March 20, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating:

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