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My Hero One’s Justice 2: How to Get More Clothes

2020-03-18 19:06:23

Today we bring you a My Hero One’s Justice 2 guide, in which we will have the specific details of How to get more clothes.

At My Hero One’s Justice 2 we can make clothing and costume changes to our characters, in order to understand How to get more clothes, we are in this guide looking for the necessary answers, the content that will be presented from now on will be important for our performance, let's see what it brings

How to get more clothes in My Hero One’s Justice 2?

We have 2 options to get more clothes, one is by completing the missions in Story mode, through each of these it is possible to get a piece of clothing, pieces that complement the wardrobe and accessories to perform the tasks and conditions that come With these, from completing a mission, to having to defeat any enemy, the second way we will have is buying new clothes and accessories in the store, through the main customization menu, in it we will find many pieces of costumes and clothing, which we can equip the different characters.

The hero coins will be necessary to make purchases, each piece will make us spend an amount in moderation, it is sure that we have to meet some other requirements to obtain clothes through the different options that we have available, the hero coins at least we have with options of fast accumulation of these.

How to change clothes in My Hero One’s Justice 2?

You have to go to our main menu and choose the customize tab, then we choose the option for each character, in this it will be possible to choose the pieces of clothing that we want to equip our characters, we choose it and with the triangle on PS4 or the Y of Xbox One, then we will pass the option of choice on each of the characters to equip the clothes.

Now we can choose the clothes that the character will wear, noting which one we feel more comfortable with, pressing the triangle again or Y, we will get to a higher menu, which allows us to save the clothes through the preselection option, Being in this we have to register the clothes that we have created in the slots that will be available to us, when registering correctly we will save, then when playing this creation will be included in our choices in the different game modes.

Finally, now we know how to get more clothes, we can continue on My Hero One’s Justice 2.
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