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Doom Eternal: How to Switch Weapons Tutorial - Tips and tricks

2020-03-18 14:19:42

We find ourselves in the Doom Eternal universe, where there are many things to learn and among these is How to Switch Weapons.

 It is normal that in Doom Eternal we find countless weapons at our disposal, which will be ideal to destroy demons, using the one indicated for some of them, now we have to know how to Switch Weapons and this guide will cover all the necessary details .


Why is the Switch Weapons important in Doom Eternal?

 The Switch Weapons will be vital in our performance, because we will meet specific enemies who must be faced with specific weapons, an example we can see in the use of the pulse rifle, with this we can knock down the shields of our enemies As they are the hunters of doom and with our rocket launcher we can finish Cacodemon more easily, at the beginning of the game we do not have all the weapons, as we progress we will get them, in the beginning we have the combat shotgun.

How to Switch Weapons in Doom Eternal?


 There are 2 ways to make the Switch Weapons, quickly with the R1 on PS4 or RB on Xbox One, which will put the weapon that we were using in principle to the last place, another option is that we hold the same button to go up in a species of wheel seeing the weapons, with the right lever we can move and choose the weapon that we are going to use, by highlighting the one that we want we will release the buttons and we will have made the change.


 At the end of the game we will have the wheel completely full of weapons, which will be divided into four different colors, each referring to the type of ammunition in particular, we have that the shotguns are on top, in yellow, use both bullets and the purple ones will be those for energy use, under these it is possible to notice how many ammunitions we have, the rocket launcher on the right, the icon will be red when we do not have bullets.

 We hope that the information here on How to Switch Weapons has been useful to have fun in Doom Eternal.

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First-person shooter
id Software
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March 20, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
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