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Doom Eternal: How to Upgrade Weapons - Everything we know - Tips and tricks

2020-03-18 13:56:34

You want to know how to Upgrade weapons in Doom Eternal, you are in the right place, here all the necessary details will be covered.

Finally Doom Eternal has arrived, continuing the purpose of annihilating all the demons that get in our way, this time we want to discover how to update the weapons and this guide will support us in that , we just have to pay attention to what will be presented next.

Why Upgrade weapons in Doom Eternal?

The variety of weapons that we will find as we progress through the game, such as the simple shotgun, a pulse rifle, a machine gun and many more, will each have improvements that will help us to be more successful in our objectives, with different combat options available, therefore it is important that we know how to update weapons and we will see it now.

How to Upgrade weapons in Doom Eternal?

As we progress through the levels, we have the main option to improve our weapons will be by means of some bright blue floating robots, they will be very easy to find but it is possible that they will get lost, with the R3 we will carry out an interaction with these, which will make us unlock a mod for the weapon that we choose, for example the plasma rifle, one of the capabilities of this weapon that we can unlock will be the ability that we can shoot with this heat burst with L2 / LT or A beam that will be concentrated in energy, we can only unlock one of the 2 upgrade options, so our choice should be cautious.

It is possible despite this, that we can improve the weapons much more, with the weapon points, which we will receive throughout our journey through the levels, by completing the encounters in their entirety, killing all the enemies, In each of the levels it is possible to earn 10 points, only some of these will be only for the secret rooms and the vampire hunting levels, which are actually more difficult, at one level we may be able to earn 5 or more, which to help us improve our weapons, these points can be used by pressing the touchpad if we are on the PS4, on Xbox One the View button and we will access the arsenal with the R1 / RB.

Then we have to press X / A on the mod that we want to be updated, in both options we are going to be able to spend the points that we want, in addition, to improve the weapons, finally we have that there is a mod option, which we are going to unlock once we have bought all mods and upgrades, even having to complete a challenge, example of this is the Combat Shotgun mastery challenge, which consists of killing 15 pinkies with the Full Auto mod, thus unlocking the ability to that an enemy is noticed launching shotgun shells when dying with said mod.

This is all there is to know about How to upgrade weapons, consider these details to improve your performance in Doom Eternal.

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March 20, 2020
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