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Find out how to fix the Truck error code in this excellent and explanatory Apex Legends guide.

What to know about Apex Legends?

Despite being such a popular game, you cannot avoid going through the different errors that can occur in any online game, there have been some problems that prevent the connection with the server and much more, taking into account that it is the Truck error code, it is certainly known to us, it was present in the past due to an update, but this time we have no idea why it occurs, so to have answers on How to correct the Truck error code, we can rely on the next content of this guide, let's see.

How to fix Truck error code in Apex Legends?

Being an obstacle for us, we just have to take into account that it is a server connection problem, so it is appropriate that we know how to correct the Truck error code and for this we are presented with a set of options to consider in order to return to correct operation in Apex Legends and these are the following:

  • Server status: it is necessary that we check the operation of the Apex Legends server, which will let us know that if the bar is green all systems are operational, and it should be indicated if there is any failure with the server, it is appropriate to be attentive to channels of information such as Twitter to be aware of what is happening.

  • Delete DNS cache: among the different options that allow us to know how to correct the Truck error code, we have that in this there is the possibility that our computer has accumulated a lot of unnecessary information, which will lead us to eliminate the cache of the DNS server of our PC, thereby achieving a better performance of our connectivity, then to do so we will go to the start menu and write cmd to find the command prompt, then with the right mouse button we enter here, we choose the execution as administrator and allow this Pass if the permission is required, then we come to a window in which we write the command ipconfig / flushdns and with to enter we execute it, then we close the window to make a restart of our PC with which these changes will be applied in Apex Legends, looking for to boot normally.

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    The power cycle of the network device: it is something that can be the solution in terms of How to correct the Truck error code, this has to do directly with our Wi-Fi router, if we do the power cycle it can help us, there is only We have to turn off the router, we remove it from the power and wait about 30 seconds before connecting it again, we turn it on and see if the fault persists or not.

    The repair or reinstallation of Easy Anti-Cheat:
    it is something that is automatically installed together with the games that happen to have compatibility with this function, but it is uninstalled if we remove the game, it is important that this works correctly To be sure of this we go to the EasyAntiCheat folder to get to the Apex Legends folder and look for the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe file, which we will run as administrator, and we will install, then we will go through the repair option to see if we resolve How to correct the code error, but if it is not achieved, we must reinstall it, to do this with the Windows key I open the configuration to enter the applications, we look for the program, and we choose it to be uninstalled, after following a series of instructions we look for the folder of EasyAntiCheat to do the installation again.

    Those saved in the cloud: certainly there may be some problems due to this option, it is important then that it be deactivated in Apex Legends, we will do this from the Origin launcher to enter the general settings, you just have to uncheck the option to enable storage in the cloud for compatible games, this will result in the elimination of the old saves that we have in the cloud.

    Deactivate Origin: in some cases doing this can serve as a solution to How to correct the Truck error code, even solve so many gameplay obstacles, then what we will do is go to C: Program Files (x86) Origin and right-click it We give in the Origin.exe file, we look for the properties to get to the compatibility tab, here we must check the box next to run as administrator, we apply and accept for the changes to take effect, the next thing is to enter the Origin client to go to the configuration of this to deactivate Origin in the game, we will only have to check if this error persists or not.

    The reinstallation of the game: it is possible that the previous options have not been able to resolve How to correct the Truck error code in Apex Legends, which will lead us to carry out a reinstallation that ends all those files that are corrupt that prevent the correct functioning of the game. Game, then what we will do is with Windows I enter the configuration to search for the applications, we look for the game to enter it and uninstall it, then we must follow the instructions so that it is completely eliminated, then we enter the Origin client to search for the game to download and install it again.

    In this way we finish our Apex Legends guide, now you know how to correct the Truck error code, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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