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Angel Marquez
2022-10-18 13:01:09

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Find out how to repair the dome in Dome Keeper in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about the dome in Dome Keeper?

  This is something that is a fundamental part of the game, while we go after the alien relic we have to maintain the health of our dome to stay alive, seeing that it may be affected, it is necessary to know how to repair the dome and for this we are presented with a group of instructions in the following content.

How to repair the dome in Dome Keeper?

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You have to pay with resources to do it, this being cobalt to be precise, it is a resource in the form of a purple triangle that we can find when extracting, so digging is necessary for the repair of our dome, with the cobalt we will go to the computer huge, in front of this we press A to enter the device, by pressing the RB we go to the updates, starting from it we will notice a screen that indicates the available updates, the options rectangle is related to the health of our dome, in the part center this repair option, here we will place the cobalt so that it recovers 80 health points and 15 percent of the total hp of the dome.

  This is all there is to know about How to repair the dome in Dome Keeper, you just have to follow the instructions to get it.

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