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We welcome you to our guide on How to make ingots in Coral Island.

What to know about ingots in Coral Island?

  As we progress through the game, places on the island that we must discover are presented, one of which is the cave, a place where we find minerals necessary to update our tools, including those required in the creation of other items. among them the ingots, to know how to do it, our attention is opportune in the following content, let's see.


How to make ingots in Coral Island?

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Through the creation option we can create different objects, only for those metal items we will need special equipment, this being an oven that will help us in the creation of the ingots, in case we do not have it unlocked we have to unlock the cavern at mine, then we talk to Pablo the blacksmith so that he gives us the plan of the oven, which requires entering the menu creation tab to choose it, added to this we need 40 stones and 20 bronze ores, with ease these resources are in the cavern, after having the oven we are going to press on it to put 5 minerals and a coal that allows us to obtain the metal bar, the next thing is to get 5 gold minerals and a coal to put them in the oven, we will look for the minerals of gold from Raphael the blacksmith, while coals are obtained by putting them in the furnace or by destroying rocks, the result of this allows us to make ingots.


 We hope that the information detailed here on How to make ingots in Coral Island has been very useful for your fun and progress in the game.

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