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Angel Marquez
2022-10-18 11:35:42

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We invite you to discover How to craft fastest elevators in Minecraft, a new task.

What to know about the elevators in Minecraft?

  It is one of the constructions that we can do in the game in order to maneuver faster across the map, this when we build huge structures with excavations of mine shafts, the elevators become necessary to create quickly , to be aware of How to create the fastest elevators in Minecraft we must orient ourselves with the details that the following content presents, let's see it.

How to crat fastest elevators in Minecraft?

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The types of elevators that we can create in the game are those that are based on water and slime bounces, with the use of Soul Sand, Kelp and Water we will have them quickly built, in the case of each elevator we have the following details:

  • Slime elevator: you have to drop the water in the elevator shaft that is located at the top of the building, then we return to the bottom while we have placed Kelp on top we return to the bottom doing this several times, the result is that the water blocks will be sources of water by breaking the seaweed, we are going to create an elevator up or down through the lower area with the Soul Sand or Magma blocks, between two points we will move with the movement of the blocks of slime, in addition to this we can avoid damage from high heights, suitable for massive buildings, where we can use the pistons in the form of catapults towards the top of the building with the slime blocks, while for the frames we can use obsidian blocks.
  • Mine carts: this turns out to be more than adequate to move, shoot us up as a high-speed elevator, with pressing right click we can jump to these mine carts from a distance, reaching it quickly, the creation of this type of elevator is simple, we must build a base or wall where we want to put it, we will stack mine carts one on top of the other with blocks between each of the carts, sticking them to the constructed wall, it is necessary to use our inventory to block them, with pressing click quickly Through each car we will reach the upper part of the building with great speed.

 Now that we know how to craft fastest elevators in Minecraft, we will only have to do it to continue with our progress and fun in such an incredible game.

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