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The failures are details of the most normal and Disney Plus is not the exception, let's see How to fix error code 73

What is Disney Plus error 73?

First, we must clarify that precisely Disney Plus is usually used as Disney and that there are some places where it does not usually reach for now, this causes errors to occur, and precisely knowing how to repair error code 73 leads us to understand that this problem is associated with problems related to the contents and the possibility of viewing them abroad, since there is no total coverage throughout the planet and this makes some areas inconvenient, however this has a solution and to clarify it we are here.

How to fix error code 73 in Disney Plus?

Fortunately, there are several solutions to execute, and we detail each of them below:

Getting to activate the location services: this is an interesting option to know How to fix error code 73, since sometimes we usually use a Smartphone in order to see the content that Disney Plus brings, and it asks us for some information in order to verify, well This is usually done this way:

  • Enable location services on the iPhone.
  • We must press the "Settings" icon.
  • Then we must scroll down.
  • We will open the "Privacy" tab.
  • We proceed to click on “Location services.
  • Click on the "Location Services" switch in order for them to turn green and that's it.

Enable location services on Android:

  • We must click on the "Settings" icon.
  • Then we click "Security and privacy".
  • We proceed to locate "Access to the location" and verify that it is activated and ready.

Disabling the VPN: failures are a complex issue in some cases, and they can frustrate us, so knowing how to fix error code 73 becomes a vital action, because in some cases it is important to consider the possibility of finding blocked content to Some areas, however, it is favorable to take a look at the VPN which can be disabled in order to access Disney Plus and for this it is necessary.
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    • Opt to press Windows R.
    • Then you need to type "control" and press Enter.
    • Then launch the classic "Control Panel" application.
    • We proceed to click on "Network Connections"
    • Next we will see the VPN connection in the pop-up window.
    • We proceed to select the VPN and for this it will only be enough to highlight its icon.
    • Then we must click on the link "Change configuration of this connection".
    • We go to the "Network tab" located at the top.
    • We proceed to click on "Uninstall".
    • We press "Yes" in order to confirm.

    Next we access Disney Plus, and we will see that everything is perfect, so this solution is highly favorable to know How to repair error code 73 and thus continue to enjoy the content that only Disney Plus has for us.

    Choose to use a different VPN:
    it is clear that some VPNs may be more viable than others, and it is usually vital in our work to know how to fix error code 73, because for this it is necessary to consider these options:

    • Surfshark
    • ExpressVPN
    • AVG HMA Pro VPN
    • NordVPN
    • VeePN

    Choose to change the DNS server:
    This is an action that can perfectly well be applied and favorable to know how to repair error code 73, since some servers are usually a bit limiting for which it is necessary to change them and to achieve it is necessary:

    • Press Windows R-
    • We proceed to write "Control" and press Enter.
    • Next we will see the classic application of the "Control Panel".
    • We proceed to click on "Network and internet".
    • Choose to choose "Network and Sharing Center".
    • We must locate "Change adapter configuration" this allows us to view a new window.
    • We will click with the right mouse button on the connection we are using to select "Properties".
    • We proceed to scroll down and click on “Internet Protocol TCP / IP4.
    • Then we click on "Properties"
    • After that it is necessary to place the DNS servers.
    • We write in the first row.
    • Then we write in the second row.
    • To finish we click on "Accept" in order to save the changes and that's it.

    Choose to restart the Wi-Fi connection: This is another action that may well be favorable and allows us to solve this problem, because although it seems something simple, it is usually valuable and is part of our actions to know how to repair error code 73 and for this only it will be necessary:

    • Disconnect and reconnect the Wi-Fi connection.
    • Let's open the connections using the menu in the taskbar located at the bottom right of the screen.
    • Proceed to click on the active connection.
    • Choose to choose "Disconnect"
    • Then we must wait about 50 seconds to reconnect to the Internet.
    • Try Disney Plus again and check that everything is resolved.

    Contact the assistance service or internet service provider:
    this is an option that we must execute in our search to know how to repair error code 73, as it is usually applied when we see that none of the previous options has offered favorable results and we continue to have failures with Disney Plus, because for this it is viable:

    Contact the customer service team Disney Plus, this in order to know if this service is or not available in our country.

    Contact the internet provider because on some occasions, although very rare, we have a wrong IP address and this can affect us.

    Contact the VPN service as this usually occurs when the Disney Plus service is not available in our region.

    In this sense, knowing how to repair error code 73 allows us to apply a number of alternatives that may well favor us and in this way enjoy everything that Disney Plus has for us.

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