Lidia Rozo
2019-11-13 13:53:51

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This time we bring you a Disney+ guide where we will show you how to stream on PS4 and Xbox One.

Why know how to stream on PS4 and Xbox One in Disney+?

Probably, it would not have occurred to us that we could transmit from a PC or a device to a console, as it is, thanks to the streaming service, because this includes an exclusive program, which includes classic movies, a new Star Wars series the Mandalorian, among others in Disney+.

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How to stream on PS4 and Xbox One in Disney+?

The first thing we need is a Disney+ application in the console market, it will be released on November 12, once it is active we can view it on Playstation Network or Xbox Live, we will only have to download it according to the console we use.

It is important to know that we must have a Disney+ account otherwise sadly we will not be able to use this service, this subscription has a monthly value of $ 6.99 or an annual value of $ 69.99.

This is an application that can only be used by those who have PS4 or Xbox One, only, Nintendo Switch users will not have that luck now, they should wait a little longer.

We hope that you also join us, because knowing how to stream on PS4 and Xbox One you will have the option to enjoy the benefits of Disney+.

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