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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-16 15:04:31

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Today we bring you an Elite Dangerous guide where we plan to talk to you about How to fuel scoop, let's see.

What is the purpose of collecting fuel in Elite Dangerous?

This is a necessary task that allows us to choose between the possibility of living to fly another day or simply choosing to drift in the black void of space, which is quite unpleasant because it is possible to become just space dust, In this sense, knowing how to refuel simply becomes a vital task, however, we must clarify that it is a complex and confusing task especially for pilots new to Elite Dangerous.

To know how to load fuel it is necessary to embark before the possibility of flying in a super cruise close enough to a star that can produce hydrogen and this in turn serves to fill the fuel tank, it is feasible to make use of the collection module, which is favorable in the case of being explorers and who present some desire to take a look at the void, therefore it is not advisable to use beginners for this task.

How to fuel scoop Elite Dangerous?

Before embarking on this objective itself, it is necessary to configure the map of the galaxy taking care of editing some preferences, since we must select and draw the chosen stars, since it is vital to travel to them to collect fuel for the ship, and this leads us to consider:
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  • Open our galaxy map in Elite Dangerous.
  • Proceed to stand on the left side up to observe some eyelash gaps.
  • Select a cluster of stars.
  • Then we must select the secondary tab called "Map".
  • We proceed to select the drop-down menu in order to scroll down until we see “Class of stars”.
  • We can use the community acronym KGBFOAM to carry out the respective fuel intake.
  • Once the stars have been marked, we go down to the end of the list of stars in order to check the box "Apply filter to the route".
  • To finish this, it will take us to our destination and in this way we will pick up embarking on the task of knowing how to load fuel.

With the aforementioned steps, we are given the possibility of starting our search as soon as we have completed the jump to the "Brujo Space", as this leads us to face the star of the system for new pilots, it is necessary to consider some details such as:

  • Lower the speed to zero and increase it gradually as indicated in the "Active Fuel Pickup" screen, this is usually done by observing the two heat bars.
  • It is vital to advance lightly in order to begin to visualize the slowly increasing fuel rod.
  • As we approach the star we will see that the refueling rate tends to increase, we only have to consider the possibility that the heat increases when being close.
  • When the ship is overheating it will start to sound and receive some damage, it is possible that we will be ejected from the supercruise and get trapped while we wait for the shift motor to cool down.
  • It is ideal to find out how much heat our ship can withstand in the first instance.
  • Choosing to practice before embarking on this fuel load at Elite Dangerous is our best choice not to fail.

This is all we can contribute about how to fuel scoop, because in this way we manage to maintain our ships and thus guarantee our survival in Elite Dangerous.

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