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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-16 14:16:50

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Facebook has managed to be a social network that has penetrated perfectly well and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to create an anonymous account.

Is it possible to create an anonymous account at Facebook?

Today, talking about privacy on the internet is quite a complex matter, however, there is the possibility of making our profile not something very public, in this sense, the possibility arises of knowing how to create an anonymous account which allows us to maintain an account where we can go unnoticed and in this way preserve the anonymity of our real data and in this way get to protect ourselves a little on Facebook.

Knowing how to create an anonymous account allows us to have the possibility of having a profile on Facebook where we do not have much to worry about personal data, since we are the owners of our personal data, and we choose whether to tip them or not, as we can count on a list of friends in order to avoid unwanted attention from some friends, as they will not be able to access our private life because we will not use a real name and therefore our data will not fall into the hands that could harm us.

How to create an anonymous account at Facebook?

This is an excellent option that we can apply when our interest is to go unnoticed, because the possibility of knowing how to create an anonymous account offers us advantages that we would not have when having our real data, and that could well be favorable when we do business, because for It is no secret that Facebook has become a platform where various activities are usually generated.

In this sense, it is well worth mentioning the options available to create an anonymous account on Facebook, and they are the following:

Choose to create an email address or a phone number: This is the first step, because today to access any vital social platform to have an email or, failing that, a phone number, in this sense it is favorable to choose to use a telephone or temporary mail that does not contain our real data, in the particular case of the telephone, it is feasible to choose to use a disposable number, and we can do so with the Google Voice service.

Create a Facebook account: Once we have the email or phone ready, our next step to know how to create an anonymous account is to start this creation process and for this it is necessary:

  • Go to Facebook.
  • Select create new account.
  • Make use of false names and surnames.
  • Fill in the email or phone number option.
  • Enter date of birth and sex in the same way false.
  • Then we select "Register".
  • We then received an email or text message from Facebook.
  • We should consider putting "No" when asked for access to our contacts.

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Choose to add friends and maintain privacy: with the duly created account we are allowed to add friends, as this is part of the functionality, and we are shaping our work on knowing how to create an anonymous account, for this it is necessary to consider:

  • Place a profile photo or avatar, obviously the photo can be of anything but ours.
  • Then proceed to add people that we usually know personally and reliably.

Knowing how to create an anonymous account takes us to focus on the possibility of preventing our identity from being ascertained and for this it is feasible to execute some simple configurations on Facebook:

  • It is necessary to go to "Settings and privacy".
  • Then we go to "Settings".
  • Then we go to "Privacy".
  • There we will see how people can find us, and we only select "Friends" or "Only me" this makes access limited.

It is vital to have our private Facebook account, because staying anonymous is our best bet, because with this we manage to be surrounded by exactly the people we consider known and trustworthy, therefore it is highly vital to avoid placing a photo where the face may appear.

Checking privacy is part of the task of knowing how to create an anonymous account and for this it is vital:

  • Take a look at the privacy at Facebook and choose to adjust the settings.
  • It is possible to check who sees the publications we place.
  • We can visualize the contact list that we can have.
  • Configure who can contact us.

Choose to keep our real personal data out of Facebook:
we continue in our work to clarify everything you need about how to create an anonymous account and this allows us to leave you some simple indications that are related to the matter of personal issues and are:

  • Avoid using the real name as this will make it anonymous and therefore nothing private.
  • We can customize the account for this we edit the identifier where the username appears.
  • The "About" section will be constantly active, and we will be asked to fill in this section, there we avoid placing personal data.
  • It is favorable to avoid public interaction with other users, this avoids anonymity.
  • Avoiding simple activities such as sending congratulatory messages or making comments is feasible to go unnoticed.
  • Knowing how to create an anonymous account and have it is an excellent option to avoid being bothered, without leaving the social networks that today are a vital part of human beings.

In this sense, knowing how to create an anonymous account allows us to have the possibility to go unnoticed through a very complex social network such as Facebook.

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