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Lidia Rozo
2022-12-08 14:01:08

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Searches tend to occur regularly in all games and that is why we indicate Where to find clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What are the clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  These are some pink mollusks that are usually in the valley of the game, they are usually used for various varieties of activities, which involves giving them to villagers or completing tasks, however, it is not ruled out that some new dishes may be included and that These may require clams, they can be part of the updates or failing that, use them for particular missions that our characters receive.

Where to find clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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This is a search that we will do in the ocean, this is usually similar to oysters or algae, these pink clams usually spawn anywhere in the biome, however, seeing them in the water is much more frequent, these are mollusks that they are not rare, but spawning is not common.


  •   It should be noted that some players often have problems finding the clams and in this case we must look carefully in the Dazzle Beach biome.
  •   It is good to be clear that the valley biomes are small and this implies embarking on a particular race through a specific area that will not take up much time, but it will be limited, not everyone will be interested in running for clams.
  •   It is ideal to use the furniture mode to find these mollusks, this is usually called Edit Mode and it is nothing more than a feature that allows us to place objects and furniture from a view from above, the only thing that some players do not know is that this Camera view can be used to quickly scan the entire biome of the world map, it is linked to the character's position, making the search a bit easier to execute.
  •   Manually walking and collecting the clams is a necessary task to perform.

  We end this guide on Where to find clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so you can take care of carrying out the search and continue in this game that has a lot of content to enjoy.

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