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Lidia Rozo
2023-06-12 14:01:43

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Learn How to get the Purple Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valleyo, one of the most sought-after treasures in the game.

Are you a Disney Dreamlight Valley enthusiast looking to collect all the rare items and treasures? Well, we have just the guide for you! Today, we'll be discussing the elusive purple potato and how to obtain it in Dreamlight Valley. This guide will provide you with all the necessary details and steps to collect this rare item.

Exploring for Mini Purple Books

The first step in collecting the purple potato is finding the mini purple books. These books contain the information needed to obtain the potato. Here are ten different locations where you can find these books:

  • 1. The Enchanted Forest - near the tree with the glowing mushrooms
  • 2. The Hidden Waterfall - behind the waterfall
  • 3. The Abandoned Mine - near the entrance
  • 4. The Sunflower Meadow - under the tallest sunflower
  • 5. The Mystic Ruins - behind the largest pillar
  • 6. The Dark Cavern - in the center of the room
  • 7. The Crystal Lake - on the shore near the rocks
  • 8. The Secret Garden - near the giant mushroom
  • 9. The Rainbow Bridge - under the bridge
  • 10. The Frozen Pond - near the ice castle

To make it easier for you to find these locations, here are some conjunct adverbs that provide more information:

  •  The Enchanted Forest: near the tree with the glowing mushrooms, usually found at night.
  • The Hidden Waterfall: behind the waterfall, located at the back of the cave.
  • The Abandoned Mine: near the entrance, on the right side of the mine.
  • The Sunflower Meadow: under the tallest sunflower, which is located on the left side of the meadow.
  • The Mystic Ruins: behind the largest pillar, on the right side of the ruins.
  •  The Dark Cavern: in the center of the room, surrounded by glowing mushrooms.
  •  The Crystal Lake: on the shore near the rocks, on the opposite side of the lake from the entrance.
  •  The Secret Garden: near the giant mushroom, which is located at the back of the garden.
  •  The Rainbow Bridge: under the bridge, which is located near the entrance to the valley.
  •  The Frozen Pond: near the ice castle, which is located at the back of the pond.

 Reaching the Secret Cave of Frosted Heights

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Once you have collected all the mini purple books, the next step is to reach the secret cave of Frosted Heights. To get there, follow these steps:

  • 1. Enter Dreamlight Valley through the main entrance.
  • 2. Turn left and walk past the frozen pond.
  • 3. Keep walking until you reach the rainbow bridge.
  • 4. Cross the bridge and turn right.
  • 5. Follow the path until you reach the frozen waterfall.
  • 6. Climb the stairs to the top of the waterfall.
  • 7. Walk across the bridge and enter the cave.
  • 8. Keep walking until you reach the portal.

 Speaking the Correct Keywords

Now that you've reached the portal, it's time to speak the correct keywords to obtain the purple potato. Here are the correct keywords in the order needed:

  • 1. "Magical"
  • 2. "Enchantment"
  • 3. "Purple"
  • 4. "Potato"

Approach the portal and speak the keywords in the correct order. If you say the keywords correctly, the portal will open, and the purple potato will be yours!

Congratulations! You have successfully collected the purple potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We hope this guide was helpful in your quest to collect all the rare items and treasures. Remember, persistence and patience are key when exploring Dreamlight Valley. Happy exploring!

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