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In this guide entry we are going to tell you everything about How to get Tyrael's unique power in Diablo 4.

What to know about obtaining Tyrael's unique power in Diablo 4?

The most recent season of Diablo 4 called Loot Reborn not only gives us an almost impossible task and that is to cross the well, but it also gives us the necessary tools to achieve it. Here we explain how to obtain Tyrael's unique power in Diablo 4, this is part of the new features we have and which we must take advantage of.

How to get Tyrael's unique power in Diablo 4?

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Whether we are a barbarian, a necromancer or any other class, Tyrael's Might is probably one of the most incredibly unique items that can exist to choose from, especially if we focus on the latter, when hitting it sweet level 100 or increased level of Well, taking into account its effects:

Unique description effect

The power of Tyrael “Thus Tyrael, the perfect aspect of Justice, was born. No one is angrier than the forces of hell. All demonic creatures have learned to tremble before the power of Justice.” The Jarl Books, Volume I.

  • Resistance to all elements 11.2%
  • 5.0% maximum resistance to all elements.
  • 18 All statistics
  • Damage reduction by 10.0%.

At full health, our ability will create a divine shield that deals X damage. Like other Uber Uniques, Tyrael's unique power can be found at world levels 3 and 4 in chests and as loot after defeating enemies, although it is extremely rare. However, the best way to achieve this is to defeat Uber Duriel or his sister Andariel, the new final boss that has been introduced in season 4 of Diablo 4.

Below is a list of how to do this, ideally calling them both and the location to find them.

Duriel Echo Andariel


  • 2 Slime Eggs: Dropped by Echo Varshan.
  • 2 fragments of agony: thrown by Saint Gregory Galvanicus.

I have endured:

  • 2 slippery slime eggs
  • 2 Pieces of pain
  • 2 Stygian Stones: Dropped by the final boss in the Craft Cave.


  • 2 Sandburn Chains: cast by Lord Zir
  • 2 pillow dolls: thrown onto the ice by monsters.

I have endured

  • 6 Chains burned by sand
  • 6 doll pillow
  • 2 Styx stones. Lake

"Cleft Grape", Kehistan Lake
  • Execution hall, Kehistan

In this way, we will see a Tormented version for both Duriel and Andariel. These are much stronger versions of the final boss that, while highly difficult, also provide a higher chance of obtaining an Uber Unique. It is usually only necessary to bring friends, the battle will be fierce. If we want to avoid fighting them temporarily, we will defeat the world boss, enter the Nightmare Dungeon or failing that, we can play Legion to farm them. It is even possible to make one, although this could take some time.

This is everything you need to know about How to get Tyrael's unique power in Diablo 4, follow our steps and take the perfect power of justice.

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