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2020-07-28 12:34:07

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If you are wondering how to beat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans, you are about to face one of the toughest bosses that today we will help you beat.

What is the battle with Silhouette in Destroy All Humans?

Before telling you how to beat Silhouette, you have to know that this is the final fight of the game, which you will have to face after having finished with Roboprez. You must bear in mind that if you die in any of the phases, we will have to start this mission again from scratch. But there is nothing to worry about in this battle, because we are going to tell you how to beat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans.

How to beat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans?

Before starting the battle, the first thing you have to do is update your health, your ray weapon and your incinerator weapon as much as possible, since this is like imagining, making things a little easier for you in This Battle Also refresh the board at least or twice so you can find the fastest coverage.

How to beat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans - First phase?

The first thing you have to know about this battle, is the silhouette has an invisible force field that you can see when you shoot it, we give it protection at least until you manage to break it, this allows you to stun it for a moment in addition to damaging the blunt damage. Take advantage of this moment to attack with everything you can.

The battle has started and the final boss will shoot you from the central area, so we have to move and avoid the shots while continuing to attack with your electric weapon.

We recommend firing directly at her shield, this will cause her to rise into the air and start charging a reference shot that will do incredible amount of damage that will leave you stunned. In this sense, you will want to break her shield before shooting it in order to avoid this attack and achieve the optional objective for this part of the final level.

While on the ground, their attacks start out as fairly simple, but you can propel yourself over most attacks and continually fire the electric weapon or incinerator when available. If you are using a controller, your best bet would be to use the electric gun, so aim your aim at the boss to fire the electric wave through solid surfaces. Try to switch to another weapon for more damage when the silhouette is stunned.
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From one moment to the next a beep will begin to sound and the sky will begin to turn red, at this moment they will want to run towards the purple domes that are in the field, since what is coming will not be easy. Roboprez will fire all over the battlefield destroying your shield if it reaches you. Try to enter the Silhouette dome, it will not hurt you and if you shoot it it will run to another dome.

By timing things right you can use Roboprez's damage to damage Silhouette's shield.

After her health drops enough she will begin to circle the sand. Avoid firing at this point as it will not harm you at all, and wait for it to go to a pylon to fill its health again, follow it and destroy the nearby turret and use the ion gun to destroy the pylon before it regains its health .

How to beat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans - Second phase?

On how to beat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans in this second phase of the battle, the boss will have a new rapid-fire attack that will cover a considerable area, so we will have to avoid it by jetpacking and floating in the air.

Use your electric weapon to knock down her shield and change the incinerator when she is stunned. Finish off the humans that summons and focuses all your attacks on the boss. Shoot out of the air quickly and follow the dome shield's strategy to make it jump when its health drops enough.

When the boss stops at the pilot she will turn back to the turrets and explore the pilot quickly, finally with the humans that will be spawning and beware of her new movement with which explosive red rings will appear across the battlefield.

Keep your guard up and your attacks moving now that you can't get their health back to end and destroy Destroy all humans now that you know how to beat Silhouette.

This was our guide on how to beat Silhouette in Destroy All Humans, we hope that it has been as useful as possible for you and you have managed to finish this boss as quickly as possible and manage to complete the game easily.