2020-07-28 11:42:58

At Destroy All Humans it is very important that you know how to beat Roboprez, so in this article we will tell you how to do it.

What is the battle against Roboprez in Destroy All Humans.

Before telling you how to beat Roboprez, you have to know that this battle is part of the first boss that will have to win in the final campaign mission. There are two battles that you will have to face in this mission, each battle is really complicated so knowing how to beat Roboprez (the first boss of this mission) will be very important.

How to beat Roboprez in Destroy All Humans?

The first thing you need to do before starting this Destroy All Humans mission will be to upgrade the dish as much as possible so that we can make things a lot easier for you. Above all, it tries to improve the laser beam, the health of the saucers and the reflective power. Keep in mind that if you die in any of the phases of this battle they will have to start again.

How to beat Roboprez in Destroy All Humans - First phase?

The first phase begins when you talk to Silhouette, she will bring Roboprez and it will all start, so turn around and head to the cymbal to avoid the shooting.

The biggest threat in this first phase is in the mine globes that the boss calls. When I summon them what you have to do is shoot first.

The rest of the attacks can be easily dodged, trying to shoot bursts in her area or slide around the center of her chest, which represents her weakest point.
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