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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-29 16:47:31

More about: Destroy All Humans

Definitely Destroy All Humans brings a lot of action so today we explain how to kill soldiers with grenades

What does Destroy All Humans bring to us?

  This is a game where it is necessary to master the ability to eliminate soldiers with grenades since Mandatory Option is a necessary trophy, since this is set in an open world, with a number of interesting missions, some somewhat more complex than others but each with its respective characteristics, in such a way that knowing how to kill soldiers with grenades will simply help us to learn to use some fairly complicated weapons such as grenades.
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How to kill soldiers with grenades in Destroy All Humans?

It is important to note that this is a strong process, but it allows us to earn an interesting reward and it is the Mandatory Option trophy, since performing this activity of killing soldiers with grenades is simply not a mandatory requirement, we are not obliged to do it. but in the same way we explain how to achieve it since it may have some importance for some players.

This process is somewhat strange, because we will have to make the soldiers throw grenades at us which is quite painful, fighting the soldiers is not necessarily feasible because in some cases they will stop throwing grenades and seek to choose to use other weapons, it is also ideal to consider that grenades are very easy to identify, since they are usually seen as orange circles on the ground, this means that we will have some chance to be alert.

Once we throw the grenades, the killing process comes and this is really easy because we will already have an advanced advantage, it is only necessary to take the grenades with psychokinesis and proceed to target a soldier to whom we threw the grenade, if this is definitely not move we have achieved our goal and with this the door opens for us to get the trophy, because this is a process that simply does not have much difficulty but does require precision, even if it is a task that is not regulatory it can serve as training since we never It hurts to have more than one way to defend ourselves.

 Definitely knowing how to kill soldiers with grenades is outlined as a simple but very useful objective in Destroy All Humans.

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