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Genshin Impact has managed to involve us in an interesting adventure that allows us to tell you How to find a strange jade plate in the ruin

What is the strange jade plate in ruin in Genshin Impact?

  This is nothing more than a lost treasure that seems to be causing a great stir and with it generating some inconveniences, since it is necessary to launch a search for some objectives of interest, embark on a mission that leads us to achieve critical thinking and for which it will be It is necessary to go to the land of Tayvat, because knowing how to find a strange jade plate in the ruin allows us to explore a little more, especially since it becomes a complex objective.

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How to find a strange jade plaque in ruin in Genshin Impact?

 The first thing we must know is that we must find a total of 4 plates and for our good fortune they are marked on the map, it does not mean that it is an easy search task but in a way it could help us a little, especially because this It is a mission of a deceptive objective, it is also necessary to be aware of the gray symbol in the shape of a square cut in half, only that this task can become even more complicated and this is because the plates are normally guarded, which makes a difficult task, it is necessary to consider that there are 4 plates where it will be necessary to defeat the monsters that protect them, which allows us to consider using characters in Genshin Impact that can have 5-star weapons and with that to clear the area to continue in our goal to find the ruin plaque.

 Knowing how to find a strange jade plate in the ruin places us before a possibility of feeling as if we were actually entering some ruin, since we are offered the possibility of getting some marked stones that allow us to guide ourselves, however, nothing seems to exist What to look for, because it is actually a somewhat strange search but somehow it is necessary to carry it out, since it will be necessary to return to Soraya so that she is the one who gives us the necessary details for our last task in this area of ​​Genshin Impact.

 When we open the map we realize that there is a blue point, this could simply represent a body of water, it is necessary to get to this place to interact with the last plate, here it is important to consider that we are carrying out a strong fight and this It is due to the fact that there are a large number of enemies guarding said plate, to which it is necessary to eliminate and press the button once more, as this allows us to drain the water in such a way that some chests can be revealed, it is actually a task interesting in Genshin Impact since it allows us to opt for a large amount of rewards.

 This is everything you need to know about Finding a Strange Jade Plate in Ruin, as it is an interesting and rewarding task that we carry out at Genshin Impact.

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