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Today we are going to talk about How to complete the Titan Contact public event while we are at Destiny 2.

Why complete the Titan Contact public event at Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 has been in charge of brightening our days with the expansions, as it has obviously been removing more and more content that allows us to stay connected to this game and the possibility of knowing how to complete the Titan Contact public event allows us to have the possibility of obtaining some weapons and the opportunity to eliminate some enemies.
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    How to complete the Titan Contact public event in Destiny 2?

    It is important to be clear that this public event is firstly easier to get on io since it is usually on the first platform where we spawn next to Sloane, it is also necessary to consider finding some amount of ammunition to find the start of the event, in the same way go to the mark of our HUD where we can get the flag of the meeting, have some weapons, and the Fallen Guillotine sword, some charges because it is highly likely to get enemies.

    We get Taken spawning between each wave and during the meeting with the final boss, here it will be necessary to eliminate the enemies and the specks from the bank in a certain period of time, as this allows the event to simply move forward a little, especially Because we are presented with 4 waves of enemies that we will have to defeat Destiny 2, it is also possible to receive some rewards for making this public event a heroic event.

    Our work on How to complete the public event of Titan Contact allows us the possibility of having a ray of light that can guide us to where a flower that is in custody is located, here our work will only be to eliminate those who protect it in order to steal it, and then proceed to deposit it as another speck, this is a task that we will not do once, this implies that it must be done at least 4 times being this the only way to get it to be simply a heroic event.

    Cleaning the dark mists, eliminating the magicians in order to ensure that the Ogre does not manage to heal and at the same time eliminate it, is simply a fundamental task, especially counting that precisely this Titan boss is the Ogre in Destiny 2, and here we are The task is somewhat simpler only when we observe that there are more people carrying out this event since this simply indicates more possibilities of winning, although it is necessary to be aware of the movements that this boss may give as there may be some changes, which implies being Alert then, in case io has shown that his boss has changed.

     This is all we can tell you about How to complete the Titan Contact public event because obviously it will be necessary to be alert because the idea is to eliminate the boss but take care of our backs simultaneously in Destiny 2.

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