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Angel Marquez
2020-07-09 15:30:48

We invite you to discover how to change the difficulty, one of the possibilities when playing CrossCode.

What to know about the difficulty change in CrossCode?

Our performance in the game must be optimal when facing combat where defense maneuvers are necessary as we progress, even the puzzles we will meet depend at some point on the difficulty in which we are playing, but We can change both situations by making adjustments in this regard, in order not to go through despairs that affect our fun, so let's see more details as we continue reading.

How to change the difficulty in CrossCode?

Once we start in the game, we have the details about the challenge we are facing, now if we notice that we find it difficult to handle in the difficulty we are in, it is possible to make an adjustment to have better control of the situation, to do this with the button we access the pause menu and then we will go to the options, here with L and R we will go to the help, which allows configuration in terms of the difficulty of the puzzle or vice versa, according to our taste we can adapt the options of difficulty, if we notice that it is all more difficult or easy we can go back and continue testing the options.

 We hope that the information presented here on how to change the difficulty has been useful to have fun in CrossCode.

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