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In the Destiny 2 universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to complete all the seasonal challenges for week 5 and here will be the details.

What to know about the seasonal challenges for week 5 at Destiny 2?

 For this point of the 5 week we have some variants compared to the previous weeks, this time it is necessary to complete a total of 8 challenges, certainly some are more complex than others from previous weeks, so to have an idea of ​​how to complete all the challenges season for week 5 we have in this guide the necessary details, let's just pay attention now.

How to complete all the seasonal challenges for week 5 in Destiny 2?

  •  The Rise of the Contender V: it is certainly possible that we have an important mastery of this mission, here specifically we must complete a playlist of the battlefields, fit into the test hammer and in turn to progress in the story of the season of The chosen ones do some interactions with the NPCs in Destiny 2.
  • The Golden Reaper: regarding How to complete all the seasonal challenges for week 5 for this it is necessary that for this week we obtain 500 gold from the cabal, then we must achieve 100 more compared to the previous versions of this challenge, the best option for this are the blows, it is ideal to consider that through the other activities we can collect the gold of the cabal, something that will make this challenge easier.

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    • The Engraved Doodle: it is an exotic search omen in Destiny 2, this is necessary to unlock the scout rifle, dead man's tale, knowledge of the captain's diary will be unlocked for this, you have to complete this 4 times and then Read the captain's journal notes through the menu.
    • The Lenses in the spotlight: looking for the solution to How to complete all the seasonal challenges for week 5, we have to unlock the necessary lenses for this specific one, in itself what we will do is visit the prismatic reconstitution to see the requirements for unlocking these lenses, in turn it must be considered that with these lenses we can focus the threshold engrams, then we must choose the lenses that are easier to unlock and complete their corresponding requirements.
    • The Apex Armorer: it is necessary to work with mastery to get a piece of armor, so looking to solve How to complete all the seasonal challenges for week 5 we must do it, taking into account that the work can be with legendary or exotic equipment, certainly this The latter requires more resources, now in the case of the legendary we have that in Destiny 2 it is necessary 16000 flashes, 25 legendary shards, 3 improvement cores, 3 improvement prisms and 1 ascending shard, once we have them we can work the armor piece, this being one to our liking.
    • The weaponry of saves: it is necessary that for this challenge we manage to accumulate 7,500 points between Gambit, Crucible and Strikes in order to get the ritual weapon of the season, this adding to other activities that we must complete, in this Destiny 2 mission what we do. To Will help in the progress of this, it is appropriate to highlight on How to complete all the challenges of the season for week 5 that the use of grenades and grenade launchers in this challenge to kill enemies can grant us a progress bonus.
    • In infamy: our purpose is to see how to complete all the seasonal challenges for week 5, for this specific one it is necessary that we gain infamy ranks in Gambit, by talking with The Drifter in the tower we will be able to know at what level of infamy we are, for each level we achieve a reward is obtained, while the rank is higher we will go through greater difficulties in the challenge, here it is necessary than to accumulate 5 ranks of infamy in Gambit to complete it in Destiny 2.
    • The Ultimate Champion: It is necessary that we beat the champions in Nightfall The Ordeal Strikes, considering how familiar these 3 types of champions, barrier, overload, and unstoppable must be, in terms of how to complete all the seasonal challenges for week 5, We have that this will consume the most time of all if we are in the lower levels in difficulty, being necessary that we achieve a progress bonus in the high levels as a goal also in Destiny 2.

     Knowing how to complete all the seasonal challenges for week 5 is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Destiny 2.

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