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We invite you to discover How to use the 30-30 repeater, a new task in Apex Legends.

What to know about the 30-30 repeater in Apex Legends?

It is a lever assault rifle that has recently become part of the game, it is a complicated weapon to master, to do so an understanding of its operation is necessary, it is a weapon that can be very useful in the current season of the game. , with a medium and long range, so to know how to use the 30-30 repeater we have this guide to guide us in this regard, so let's follow its details closely below.

How to use the 30-30 repeater in Apex Legends?

This weapon has a different behavior from the other assault rifles that exist in Apex Legends, once the advantages regarding how to use the 30-30 repeater is that it does not have an interchangeable magazine like other weapons, it requires individual charges per bullet, taking into account a total of 6 that it can contain and a maximum of 12 with the heavy magazine, its load being long, the function of the lever means that the rate of fire is low for a weapon of this type, but it is compensated with a blow similar to the Longbow DMR, the damage that a shot of this can cause is 42, in the head is 74 while the helmet is not involved, so with about 3 shots in the head with some precision is enough to kill to an enemy even if he has an improved helmet.
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    When you focus calmly on the points to shoot we will have better results with this weapon, it is something important because of the load of bullets, because it can cause greater damage, through the bright bars that will be filled on both sides of the sight we will know that the bullets are loaded, also due to the sound clicks, the damage to the body is 57 and in the head they are helmet it will be 100, so knowing how to use the 30-30 repeater gives us a great advantage, more if we are in a field high or a well-covered position, it must be taken into account that the ammunition consumption is low, in such a way that it will not turn out to be a concern in Apex Legends, what we will do for this is to focus on the accessories and the elements that will lead us to success.

     It can certainly be a disadvantage that the recharges are long, which will lead us to maintain a focus on coverage for a safe recharge, it is a timely detail on How to use the 30-30 repeater, now having the gold charger can result in a great benefit of the auto-loading function, thus achieving a more optimal control of compromising situations of intense combat, another point to consider of this weapon in Apex Legends is the optics, we have in this regard the best option in the HCOG 2x, Due to its discreet and its simple reticle, working adequately at medium distances, but at long distances maintaining precision can be difficult, so the 2xx-4x variable Zoom can solve a lot in this weapon when using it from long distances.

     In short-distance combat, even if we know how to use the 30-30 repeater, it is almost nil, due to its slow rate of fire and the type of optics, for this it is almost appropriate to consider other weapons such as the SMG Alternator, R-99 and Volt, being very prominent in this situation, in Apex Legends the 30-30 repeater turns out to be a powerful assault rifle, only that it lacks the versatility that other weapons offer us, but despite this it can be very useful. , there is a chance that some changes will occur with the arrival of the Chaos Theory collection event.

     It is evident that knowing how to use the 30-30 repeater allows us to have more fun in Apex Legends.

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