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We continue to search Deathloop and in this sense, it is worth telling you where to find the door code, let's see.

What is the purpose of finding the code of the perta in Deathloop?

 Simply having the possibility of being able to cross it, although it is true, some users consider that it is usually feasible to go back with the mere object of recovering the sequence of numbers, but it is really quite the opposite, and in this sense, knowing where to find the code of the door leads us to mobilize to a particular area to be able to find the respective code and thus access, it is not the only code that we require for doors and keypads of safes, which leads us to look for a way to find them, In addition, they are not always usually found in the same way, that is, some are usually near keyboards on computer terminals or simply on paper documents, whatever the case we must find and use them.

Where to find the door code in Deathloop?

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    To achieve this code, it is necessary to get involved in a mission called "The longest day" of Plana Mayor and for this we must:


    •  Go down the stairs to the right of the door that is closed and locate a large pipe under the sign that says "Danger."
    • We proceed to destroy the wooden planks and crawl through it by jumping on the floating barrels in order to cross the water safely.
    • Next, we must climb the rock formation to discover a number of enemies, it is ideal to pass stealthily or, failing that, eliminate them, and then access the building that is usually located in front.
    • Then we went up the stairs in order to enter the library, pull the lever and proceed to break the window to be able to jump.
    • It is necessary to restart the loop and then enter the building to take the Hackamajig in such a way that we will use the code of the closed door to progress.


     It is worth mentioning that there is no way to deceive the system, in fact the codes usually work in a linear way, this in order to get the puzzles to be solved in an orderly way.

     In this sense, knowing where to find the door code allows us to carry out a necessary search and thus continue to enjoy Deathloop.

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