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Deathloop keeps giving us more to do, and that is why we will explain how to play as Julianna.

Who is Julianna in Deathloop?

This is a character that is usually interested in killing us in order to protect its loop, this is a character that tends to be controlled by an AI, in fact, the game as such allows it to be controlled by enemies, in fact know How Playing as Julianna allows us to consider avoiding doing it, this because in the main story of this game we can control Colt with whom we must eliminate 8 visionaries to get out of the loop where we get trapped.

How to play as Julianna in Deathloop?

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    • This is a task for which it will be necessary to have passed the tutorial section.
    • We must have passed the first day, which allows us to have the possibility of being able to unlock a section called "Protect the loop" in the main menu.
    • Clicking on Protect the loop allows us to play as Jualianna and with this we get access to the game of any random player, in fact, we can jump to some of our friends who may be playing.
    • It is worth mentioning that Julianna usually evades player games once a day.
    • When Julianna dies, no one can jump to the game in which she died until Colt ends the day, however, this does not usually matter when we have invaded other games.

    In this sense, knowing How to play as Julianna allows us to play with a character that perhaps is not the best choice, but that in some way can be playable even if it is to make others have a hard time in Deathloop.

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    Arkane Studios
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    14 September 2021
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