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The tasks are getting more and more interesting in Deathloop and that is why we explain how to turn off the Fia reactor in Fristad Rock.

What does it mean to shut down the Fia reactor at Fristad Rock in Deathloop?

Simply having the ability to avoid a danger, it is ideal to deactivate it so that this cannot be an inconvenience during a loop, in this sense, knowing how to turn off the Fia reactor in Fristad Rock leads us to warn ourselves, especially considering that Fia believes that we go after her and seek to activate the reactor as a kind of defense mechanism, she does not have many feelings, she does not care what happens to others and that is where we enter to prevent this from happening.

How to turn off the Fia reactor at Fristad Rock in Deathloop?

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    • We must visit Fia in the workshop that is usually on the ground floor and our goal is to find the schematic of the reactor, with this we manage to shut it down in the correct way, it is necessary to avoid an explosion.
    • We can make use of the rooftop entrance to access the workshop, on the left of the elevator there is a door that keeps the workshop closed and it is possible to hack it together with a sensor.
    • We can be a little more drastic and choose to break the window and in this way we can sneak in.
    • We will see that at the back of the workshop is usually located the reactor that we must turn off so that it does not explode.
    • Once we have the necessary information we must go to the center of the Fia complex and this tends to be below the station.
    • The reactor is an object similar to a missile, it is quite large and it is necessary to go quickly to the panel of the same to turn it off, in such a way that this allows us to access the cables.
    • The cables can be several, but generally they are usually colored, red, green, blue and yellow.
    • Once we have managed to turn off the reactor, we will no longer worry about this problem, we must memorize the combination because each time the loop is restored this reactor will be activated.


    Now that you know how to turn off Fia's reactor in Fristad Rock, it is time to do this task and thus be able to continue playing Deathloop normally.

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