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The failures usually occur in all games and Deathloop and therefore we will tell you how to fix ‘Network connection to the server failed’ error.

What is the ‘Network connection to the server failed’ error in Deathloop?

This is a failure that could occur only when we take care of breaking the loop like Colt, this if we are protecting it like Julianna, these connectivity problems are not something strange, on the contrary they tend to occur regularly, for our good fortune this inconvenience It usually has an easy solution that you can implement well.

How to fix ‘Network connection to the server failed’ error in Deathloop?

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    `This is a bug that usually has a solution and this is applied in this way:


    •  We check @ Deathloop for server status updates and then we will go to "Configuration".
    • We must locate "Network", then "Connection status" and finally "Test the internet connection on PS5".


     It is possible that this failure is related to the internet router and if this is the case we must:


    •  Restart our PS5 or PC and check if there are updates for this game.
    • We opted to change the WiFi network connection for a cable connection, these are usually more stable.
    • We can choose to change to a different WiFi connection or, failing that, connect with mobile data.


     In case of not solving it, we must wait a couple of hours and try to play again.

    This connectivity problem is not a new issue, almost all games have it in mind and in this sense, it is necessary to apply these solutions mentioned, but, if in any case you do not get a favorable response, it is usually essential to connect the Bethesda support team.

    This game can be played online, but this will not prevent Julianna from popping up and invading our timeline, in fact, playing online is ideal for playing as Julianna and hunting down other players.

     Now that you know how to fix ‘Network connection to the server failed’ error, it is time to apply some of these solutions and thus continue to enjoy everything that Deathloop has for us.

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    14 September 2021
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